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General Questions

Why should I choose CMI?

Quality and accuracy. Everyone we represent – be it a client or a candidate – depends on us to take the most professional approach on their behalf. We don’t just match resumes with job descriptions and we don’t just throw something out there and hope it sticks. We take time to get to know both sides, inside and out. We investigate the personalities of people and the corporate culture of environments. Then we build relationships that matter.

Some of our core assets include:

  • Prompt follow through and follow up
  • Commitment to excellence in everything we do
  • Ethics
  • Up front in our approaches and processes
  • Face to face communications with everyone
Why use a recruiter?

This is what we do every day. It is our profession. Through training with the best in the business, we have become experts at the workplace and workforce realities. We are passionate – and we care about making a difference in the lives of people and the lives of companies. Unfortunately recruiters have gotten a bad rap in the past. We are trying to dispel those myths and prove that there are good ethical professionals in our industry. Recruiters focus primarily on building relationships. AT CMI, we focus specifically on sales and marketing professionals in the information technology field. We are able to connect with candidates who typically would not post their resumes on job boards. We enable our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of their human capital needs. Companies who use recruiters recognize how we can dramatically streamline the hiring process – and qualify a return on investment.

What should I look for in a recruiter?

First and foremost, you need to be comfortable with the recruiter or recruiting firm that you choose. Chemistry is of the utmost importance. Compatibility. Good listeners. Reliable. The recruiter you choose must make you feel like you are their number one priority. You are trusting your career or your business in the hands of this person or company. Make them earn your respect and trust. See more details in the “what makes a good recruiter” section of our Web site.

How does it work? The process?

Visit the “our process” link on our Web site for complete details.

Who do you work with?

At CMI, we have over 160 contracts with premier IT companies in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Who pays and how much?

Our process is completely free to the candidate. All of our services are paid for by the client on a fee-basis.

What are your specialties? In what industries?

Our specialties includes sales, marketing, recruiting and information technology. Our industry focus is software, telecom, biotech, eCommerce, health care, accounting and finance, and medical.

Do you place temporary positions or strictly permanent?

CMI focuses on full-time positions in all of our markets.

How confidential is the process?

CMI understands how sensitive the job search can be, thus confidentiality is vitally important both to our clients and candidates.

Where do I start?

Call CMI directly at 703-356-2190, email us at, or submit your resume here.