Working with CMI was a wonderful experience. All of the recruiters I spoke to were both friendly and efficient. I was receiving information about job opportunities that fit my interests, experience, and requirements frequently. I would easily recommend them to any person looking for a job but also any company looking to hire.

Sara B.

The hustle is real with these guys. My first time using a recruiter and disappointed in myself for not reaching out sooner. Took the time to understand my goals, provide matches, and coached me through interviews and final decisions. Met Brock for lunch to celebrate the new position. Goes to show they invest in who they work with.

Chris Tackas

Jeff and Brock were extremely helpful in my transition to my new position. I came highly recommended from CMI and made the hiring process much easier. Highly recommended – especially if you’re in sales.

Jose Pablo Lorento

As in most sales, relationship building is an integral part of a prospect commitment. Integrity and dependability are a close second and third. CMI has gone out of their way to exhibit these qualities, far beyond competitive placement agencies. The quality of the candidates and the responsiveness in time related hiring is what keeps me coming back.

Chris Wiggins

CMI got it right with the first candidate they sent me because they took the time to get to know my organization and our specific needs. They did an excellent job of pre-screening candidates and found us someone who had the right skill set and is a great corporate fit. Their in-depth process saved me hours of time interviewing applicants.

Catherine Zaic

CMI is on my short, short list. They are honest, they are thorough and they LISTEN. In one initial conversation with CMI, I can get all the information I need on a candidate to make a good decision on the next steps. I don’t feel like I’m hiring someone because they are available. I am hiring that person because they are someone CMI would also hire internally.

Ingrid Teasdale

CMI has been key to our recruiting success over the past 5 years. The consultative and genuine recruiting style makes it easy to work with the staff at CMI. CMI has also made the effort to get to know our business and culture. CMI has established a true partnership with us and I consider them an extension of the recruiting function.

Jane Maclean