Retained, priority, or contingent search.

Sales Recruiting Experts

CMI specializes in recruiting and executive search for software sales & sales leadership professionals. This focus makes us uniquely suited to deliver on our promise to provide talent that truly fits into your company culture and environment, with the skills, experience and drive to deliver a true return on investment. You’ll be connected with sales professionals who are not just a good fit on paper but ready to become an asset to your team. CMI is your software sales executive search firm for all your hiring needs. 

Our Service Process

Search Discovery

In the search discovery phase, we review important information about the work environment, such as corporate identity and climate, company size and where you are in the growth cycle. We learn whether your business is fast-paced or more methodic and measured. This goes a long way toward ensuring the candidates we present will fit seamlessly into your organization.

Identification & Outreach

As your software sales executive search firm, we aim to identify the entire addressable market for the role, help craft a message to sell the opportunity to those individuals, and make contact with them as quickly as possible.

Candidate Evaluation

Our three-part interviewing and screening process is designed to analyze skill sets and personality profiles and how well they match your requirements. This repeatable process ensures consistent results and avoids wasting the candidate’s time or yours.

Career Criteria

Most successful sales professionals will only pursue a new opportunity if all conditions are right. We ask each candidate to share their opportunity/career criteria. This step helps us understand their motivations and decision-making process, as well as preferred market, product or service sales, new or repeat sales, ideal industries and corporate culture, and salary requirements.