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CMI Connects You to Sales Leadership for Your Startup

At CMI, our commitment is to build strong relationships between client and candidate. We take pride in our precise matches, adding competitive, self-motivated, and ambitious personnel to your sales team that will drive revenue and bolster the long-term prosperity of your company. We’re not like other recruiters. We aim to fine-tune your hiring process, utilizing targeted strategies to ensure that we recruit quality sales leadership for startups with the expertise, knowledge, and abilities needed to contribute to the success of your organization.

We work with sales leadership who bring:

We help startups “sell” their opportunities to sales talent

With top sales talent being sought after by several companies, it can be challenging for startups to engage with the most desirable candidates. Fortunately, CMI has the knowledge and expertise to identify and entice the right sales leadership for startups who can recognize the potential of your organization and make the most of the opportunities it provides.

Here’s where we excel…

As your dedicated recruiter, we bring your company to the forefront and provide the highest-caliber sales professionals for your market. We focus on only the hard-working, driven, and self-motivated candidates looking for a place to contribute and develop. When you are looking to strengthen your team with talented sales leadership, our recruiters will search and draw in capable individuals who have the ability to prove themselves, troubleshoot, and increase profits by collaborating with all of your stakeholders. Get in touch with a sales recruiter today.

Positions We Fill: