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Avoid These 4 Common Interview Mistakes

No matter the job market, don’t make these four interviewing mistakes when exploring new opportunities.


Our job market is very strong right now, which is fantastic. However, we’ve seen some job seekers getting away with common mistakes because companies are so desperate for great talent. The job market won’t always be this hot, so today we want to cover four common mistakes people make when looking for tech sales jobs:


Mistake No. 1: Not researching the company. If you don’t understand who you’re trying to work for, it will come across quickly in the interview. It makes you seem unprofessional and unprepared, so do some basic research.


Mistake No. 2: Not knowing why a company attracts you. What are you looking for in a company? During an interview, every company will ask you this, and you need a good answer. If you don’t have one, they’ll assume you just need to escape your current position, and it gives them no insight on whether or not you’re a good fit. 


“You could be offered a better salary by demonstrating intangible qualities.”


Mistake No. 3: Not closing at the end of the interview. This could mean skipping the closing questions, not asking when you can expect a follow-up, not asking for feedback, etc. Show that you’re engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunity. 


Mistake No. 4: Not sending a follow-up email. Don’t just send a thank-you message; put some effort into it and show your potential employer that you truly care. Don’t wait too long to send it, either. 


As a disclaimer, if you decide by the end of a call that you are no longer interested in the position, you probably don’t have to worry about mistakes three and four. However, if you decide you want a job, these mistakes are crucial to avoid. We may be in a strong job market, but you could be offered a better salary by demonstrating intangible qualities. 


If you have any questions about today’s topic, please call or email us. Happy hunting!