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How to Transition From One Sales Role to Another

Here’s some advice for transitioning from one sales industry to another.

Today I want to talk about transitioning from a familiar industry to a new one. We often come into contact with a lot of job seekers who are either contemplating a change of industry or have a strong desire to make a change, and there are a few tips I have to share if you’re considering the same.


First, if you stay in the industry you’ve been in, you can expect to get higher compensation. However, that’s not a good reason to stay. For example, if you’ve been selling services for your entire career and want to give product sales a try, you should pursue that. However, keep in mind that your initial compensation won’t be as high.

“Your previous space will welcome you back with open arms if things don’t work out.”

People tend to get stressed out about making these transitions. The long story short is that if you were to transition from one selling space to another and find out later that it wasn’t a good move, I can assure you that your previous space will welcome you back with open arms. 


Transitioning back to a position you have experience in will not be difficult. The more difficult transition is always the transition to something new. Employers in the new industry view you as much more of a risk than someone with more experience. 


If you have any questions about transitioning between industries or anything else related to your career search, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.