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Don’t Pass on a Great Opportunity Because of a Commission Check

There’s a brutal truth about changing sales jobs you need to know.

As a salesperson, you have to face a hard truth when changing positions: You might have to give up some commission to chase a better opportunity. You’ll rarely get to put in a notice at your current employer, change positions, and not leave a little money on the table. 


That means you have to carefully consider all the angles whenever you change jobs. If you believe this new job gives you more opportunities and you’ll be there for more than three or five years, the lost commission probably won’t matter. Be careful about changing jobs, but don’t miss out on a great position because you’re afraid of losing transactions.


“They’re hiring you because they need the position filled immediately.”


I’ve seen some people get fantastic job offers; however, they tell the company they need two or three months to wrap up their last few transactions. With few exceptions, most companies won’t accept that. They’re hiring you because they need the position filled immediately. Even if you’re the best person for the job, they might go with someone else if you can’t work for another three months. 

In short, don’t let a great position pass you by because you might miss out on some commission. If you have questions about this topic or anything else, please call or email me. I am always willing to help.