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4 Simple Steps to Starting a Job Search

Four simple steps you can take to kick off your job search.


Have you lost your job unexpectedly? Don’t worry—here are four things you can do to kickstart your job search after losing your job out of nowhere:


1. Take the time you need to collect yourself. Whether you need two days or two weeks, take the necessary steps to have a positive and determined attitude before reaching out to people about potential opportunities.

2. Sharpen your profiles. Update and improve your resume, LinkedIn profile, and anything else you need to share with employers. 

3. Draft a message for all your contacts. This message should let people know you’re looking for a new job. Someone in your contacts might know about the perfect opportunity. 

4. Set up job alerts. Go to all the popular job sites, and set these alerts so that you know about every relevant position that pops up. 


If you have questions about your specific situation, please call or email us. Happy hunting!