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Critical Tip: Evidence of Past Performance on Resume is a Must

Past performance and similar experience are more important now than ever.


Lately, the pace of the hiring market has slowed down significantly compared to the past two years, and people are noticing. As a result, the rigidity of requirements has gone up to where companies are requiring more similarity and relevance with an applicant’s experience. 


Overall, businesses are starting to become stricter with things like past performance, which has caused people to care more about their resumes. I still see quite a few resumes in the sales world, for example, that don’t have much information about their experience, but I think that could cost you many opportunities. The more numbers, either percentage of quota or revenue sold, etc., the better when it comes to a sales resume. 


Although this has always been valuable, this data is a little more critical now than it has been for the past couple of years. Therefore, be aware that the requirements are going to be a little bit more rigid at the moment. 


Make sure to include details about your experience on your resume. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of this, please reach out to me. You can call or email me anytime.