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Don’t Show More Enthusiasm for a Job You Had in the Past vs the Job In Front of You

How to strike the right balance in discussing your past employers.


Today, I want to discuss a crucial aspect for those seeking opportunities: how you speak about former employers. It’s not just about avoiding speaking negatively about them, although that’s crucial. There’s another less-discussed concern: reminiscing excessively about an amazing job you held years ago.


By dwelling too much on past experiences, it can give the impression that you’re somewhat stuck in the past, rather than fully engaged in the present or future opportunities. It also raises concerns about your adaptability to new environments, cultures, and different aspects of a company, as it might seem like you’re fixated on a past company’s greatness.


“Overemphasizing one past position might lead others to think it was your only significant success.”


Similarly, this applies to specific products or bosses. While it’s good to speak positively about former employers, it’s important not to overly emphasize just one, especially if it was a while ago. This singular focus might make others see you only in the context of your past role, rather than considering your potential in their current role.


It’s essential to maintain a positive tone about ex-employers without excessively dwelling on any single one. Overemphasizing one past position might lead others to think it was your only significant success, potentially limiting their perception of your future capabilities in different roles.


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