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How Applying for Jobs Has Changed Recently

Here’s how opportunity seekers should approach our changing job market.


How has applying for a job changed in the last few years? Back when the job market was hot, companies had lots of openings, but there weren’t enough applicants. Because of this, you had a high chance of receiving a call or interest if you applied to a position, even if your resume wasn’t a 100% match. 


Now, things are different. There are fewer open positions, and many more people are looking for work. As a result, our job market has flipped on its head. If your resume is an exact match for a position, you can still simply apply on LinkedIn and expect a callback. However, if your resume doesn’t precisely match the position, additional steps are probably necessary. 


“There are fewer open positions, and many more people are looking for work.”


This is especially true if you are underqualified, overqualified, or have transitioned into a management role while applying for an individual contributor position. In these cases, you need to take proactive steps. For example, if there are nuanced differences between your background and the position, taking extra steps becomes crucial. It’s vital to consider alternative strategies beyond merely applying or sending your resume.


Don’t stop after submitting an application or sending your resume; explore additional avenues to maximize your visibility to potential employers. If you have any questions about this topic, please call or email me. I am always willing to talk.