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Trouble Getting Attention? Send a Short Video!

A smart way to stand out from the competition and make a good impression.

Gone are the days when an impressive resume or a compelling email is enough for companies to notice you. With a highly competitive workforce, people are looking for different ways to stand out and be noticed. A new way for opportunity seekers to land a new position or join their dream company is by creating personalized videos.

Platforms like Loom allow you to create a quick 30- to 60-second video introducing yourself. Personalized videos let hiring managers see your personality and hear your voice as you convey your message. You can send your video introduction via email or LinkedIn, and they let you stand out from your competition in a positive way. Doing something out of the norm can go a long way and show that you are not afraid to step forward and be noticed.

“Doing something out of the norm can go a long way.”

Just be careful of your surroundings and keep in mind to have a professional background. It also helps to clean up a little bit, dress appropriately, and practice your message beforehand to make a good impression.

With some effort, you can create a video introduction that grabs attention and will surely get your foot in the door! Happy hunting! For questions, feel free to contact me via email or phone, I’ll be happy to talk with you.