Providing references to a potential employer, do’s and don’ts

 The best reference is a former manager, the more recent the better   When companies prepare to make an offer and ask you for references, they’re typically looking for a past manager or somebody you directly reported to for a significant period of time. They’re rarely looking for personal references or character references; they […]

Things To Keep In Mind About Mentors

 Here’s my advice on finding the right mentor to help you advance your career.   Today I want to talk to opportunity seekers about mentors as it relates to career decisions. If you have a mentor you like to bounce ideas off of, you obviously trust that person. They’ve established credibility with you as […]

Tips for Negotiating Compensation

 Here’s how opportunity seekers should approach compensation negotiation.   Today I want to talk to opportunity seekers about negotiating compensation. The No. 1 thing you need in order to negotiate for yourself in any situation is leverage. The best way to gain leverage in the job-search process is to have other viable opportunities.    […]

How to Transition From One Sales Role to Another

 Here’s some advice for transitioning from one sales industry to another. Today I want to talk about transitioning from a familiar industry to a new one. We often come into contact with a lot of job seekers who are either contemplating a change of industry or have a strong desire to make a change, […]

Avoiding Issues With Background Checks

Two common elements of the background check process where problems can arise.   Today I want to talk about the different types of background checks you might run into and how to avoid any issues with them. The two most important ones are criminal background checks and employment verification.   The biggest challenge I’ve seen […]

Avoid These 4 Common Interview Mistakes

 No matter the job market, don’t make these four interviewing mistakes when exploring new opportunities.   Our job market is very strong right now, which is fantastic. However, we’ve seen some job seekers getting away with common mistakes because companies are so desperate for great talent. The job market won’t always be this hot, […]