Most Companies Don’t Want To Interview You Now If You Cannot Start For 3+ Months

How companies view timeframe to interview & offer in relation to start date.   Should you apply for companies you’re interested in even if you’re months away from being able to start the job? There’s no single answer to this question. Every company and hiring manager has varying opinions about how soon they’d want to […]

LinkedIn vs. Resume: Do You Need Both?

Even if you have a LinkedIn profile, your resume will still have more info.   Today, I’m here to talk to opportunity seekers about resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I think there are a lot of people out there that see the two as redundant and don’t understand why they need to have a resume when […]

Appropriate Response Time During an Interview Process

The ideal response times during an interview process.   Today I’m here to talk to opportunity seekers about the right timing when responding to companies and hiring managers once you’ve started an interview process with them. Long story short, you don’t want much time to go by where you’re not communicating with them about what […]

Have a Non-Compete & Changing Companies?

What to do if you’re changing jobs after signing a non-compete agreement. I want to talk to opportunity seekers about non-competes agreements. There are many factors to consider when working for a company where you think you may be pursued by your former employer over your non-compete agreement. First and foremost, I want to give […]

What’s Your Reason for Leaving?

Why you should explain yourself when you leave a company before two years. Today I’ll share a few things you should consider when explaining why you left a job after less than two years of employment.   One of the biggest challenges with the youngest third of the workforce is that they don’t always feel […]

Don’t Pass on a Great Opportunity Because of a Commission Check

There’s a brutal truth about changing sales jobs you need to know. As a salesperson, you have to face a hard truth when changing positions: You might have to give up some commission to chase a better opportunity. You’ll rarely get to put in a notice at your current employer, change positions, and not leave […]