Avoid Confusion: How To Create a Clear and Effective Resume

Crafting a resume with clarity to boost your job-hunting prospects.   In the world of job hunting, the power of a well-crafted resume cannot be overstated. Today, I want to revisit a topic I’ve discussed several times on LinkedIn, particularly for those actively seeking new opportunities: the importance of clarity in your resume.   A […]

Reliable Email is Essential During an Interview Process

Discover why a reliable email is so important.   In the competitive job market, the importance of a reliable email address is often overlooked. As an opportunity seeker, whether you’re hunting for a new position or engaging in job interviews, the efficiency of your email address can significantly impact your chances. Let’s explore why having […]

How Applying for Jobs Has Changed Recently

Here’s how opportunity seekers should approach our changing job market.   How has applying for a job changed in the last few years? Back when the job market was hot, companies had lots of openings, but there weren’t enough applicants. Because of this, you had a high chance of receiving a call or interest if […]

The Anatomy of Ghosting: When a Response is (and isn’t) Required

Understanding what qualifies as ghosting.   Today, let’s discuss ghosting in the context of job searches and hiring processes. While there’s no official legal definition, there’s a consensus in the market on what could be considered ghosting.   When we talk about ghosting, whether it’s on the side of the applicant or the hiring company, […]

Why Do Employers Care So Much About Your Average Job Tenure?

Here are some of the reasons employers care about your average tenure.   Why is job tenure important, and how do companies think about it when they’re hiring? I’ve covered the topic of tenure several times, but the answer to this question is always changing. Right now, solid tenure is often defined as three or […]

Don’t Show More Enthusiasm for a Job You Had in the Past vs the Job In Front of You

How to strike the right balance in discussing your past employers.   Today, I want to discuss a crucial aspect for those seeking opportunities: how you speak about former employers. It’s not just about avoiding speaking negatively about them, although that’s crucial. There’s another less-discussed concern: reminiscing excessively about an amazing job you held years […]