Listing Degree & Job Ending Dates: Avoid These Simple Mistakes

Here’s what you need to do when crafting your resume and LinkedIn profile.   Today, I want to discuss some important aspects related to resumes and LinkedIn profiles for those seeking new opportunities.   First, let’s focus on the significance of showcasing your four-year degree. If you possess a four-year degree, it’s crucial to ensure […]

Behind the Scenes of Background Checks: The Power of Accurate Employment History

Why accurate employment history matters more than you think.   As opportunity seekers, it’s crucial to understand the background check process that often concludes an interview journey. While various types of background checks are conducted, such as criminal checks, credit assessments, and drug tests, today, we’re shedding light on a lesser-considered aspect: employment verification.   […]

Interviews Have Changed This Year, What Job Seekers Should Know

Here’s what job seekers need to know about the interview process in 2023.   Today, I’d like to discuss the evolving interview process for those of you who are seeking new opportunities. In comparison to the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable change in the standard length of the interview process as […]

Resume Writing: How Should You Write Your Start & End Dates?

The rules for writing resume end dates explained by an expert.   How do you approach writing end dates for your past jobs when building your resume? If you are no longer with a company, you need to put the date of when you left that company on your resume. Otherwise, the company you’re interviewing […]

The Keys to Open Ended Questions in Interviews: Clarify & Keep Concise

  Three tips designed to help you deal with open-ended questions.   When it comes to job interviews, open-ended questions can catch us off guard. They require more than a simple “yes” or “no” response and demand a thoughtful and detailed answer. Here are three tips to keep your responses concise and effective:   1. […]

Mastering Resume Presentation: How to Showcase Multiple Positions at One Company

  An important tip for showcasing your career progression with a company.   Today, we’re talking about one specific element of your resume: how you frame things when you have worked multiple positions at one company. In today’s environment, with fewer jobs and more people jockeying for positions, it’s important to have the best visual […]