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Sales Professionals Making Transitions

Here’s what you should know when transitioning from one niche to another.


If you’ve been selling in a niche industry for less than three years, you probably won’t have a tough time switching to a different niche. 


However, if you know you’ve been in a pretty niche part of the software sales universe for five years or more, I highly recommend you keep an open mind to taking a small haircut in compensation if you’re looking to make a transition out of that niche. 


“You can take that concern away by having an open mind about taking a little less.”


Making this transition is pretty difficult and it’s much more difficult when your compensation level has reached a point where you look too expensive to some managers. You want to take that concern away to some degree by having an open mind about taking a little less. 


There are a lot of really good reasons to consider making a transition out of the space you’re in.
When you’re making that transition, you need to be more open-minded about compensation. It should not be your No. 1 criteria. That distinction should belong to the quality of the company, the products you’re selling, and your likelihood of success.


If you have any questions for me about transitioning out a niche industry or anything else related to software sales, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.