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New Recruiter Contact? Ask These Questions

What you should ask a recruiter to see if they’re a good match.


Today, we want to talk to opportunity seekers about how to approach a conversation with a recruiter you’ve never spoken to before. We’ll also give you some things you can ask to judge whether or not they’re a good fit. This topic comprises three categories.


  • Core space. You want to get a sense of the space they spend most of their time recruiting for and making placements in. Find out about the core profile of candidates that they work with and whether that aligns with who you are. Also, find out about their client profile, who they work with, the size of the companies, the industry, and the types of positions that they usually fill.

  • Process. You want to ask what their process is like. Ask them to start from the initial discussion until when they would submit you to one of their clients.

  • Permission. Make sure that someone’s going to get your permission before they submit your resume to a company. You want to make sure that they’ve told you about a specific opportunity before they would make any client company aware of who you are.


If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to reach out to us.