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Your Decision Timeline Upon Receiving a Job Offer

Let’s talk about your timeline for making a decision on a job offer. 


Today I want to talk about the decision timeline once a company gives you an offer in the software sales field.


The bottom line is that companies will expect that you’ve been formulating your decision throughout the interview process instead of starting after they make the offer. Every company is different, and larger companies tend to be willing to wait longer. However, as a general rule, companies expect a response within 48 hours. 


They’re not expecting you to make a life-changing decision in 48 hours; they expect you to be more or less finalizing that decision. Knowing that, don’t expect an organization to give you a week or two to decide. Collect all of the information you need throughout the interview process, whether that’s how many SDRs they have, how much lead generation they provide, or how many deals you have to close to hit quota.


If you have any questions about this timeline or what questions you should be asking, feel free to call or email me. Happy hunting!