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Preparing Answers to Common Interview Questions


Some thoughts on the interview questions you should expect.


Today, I’m here to talk about the importance of preparing for interview questions. It’s essential to understand that there can be a lot of room for interpretation and opinion when it comes to what makes a good or bad answer. However, there are still universally bad answers to questions that you should be aware of. One area where people tend to struggle is explaining their reasons for job choices and job changes. 


To prepare for these questions, take some time to think about the questions you expect to be asked and what your answers will be. Then, run your responses by a few people who you trust and consider credible. Ideally, one of these people would be a hiring manager who regularly interviews and hires people. This way, you can get feedback on your answers and learn what they think is a good response. Then you will be in a much better position to succeed in your interviews. 


Don’t just wing it; instead, invest the time to prepare so that you can showcase your strengths and make a positive impression on your potential employer. If I can help in any way, let me know. You can call or email me anytime.