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The Do’s and Don’ts of Inquiring About Growth Opportunities in Interviews


Here’s what you need to know about asking for growth opportunities.


Today, we’re to talk to opportunity seekers about asking for growth opportunities during an interview. The main point we want to make is that you need to be mindful and cautious about how and when you bring this topic up. It is certainly within your rights to inquire about growth opportunities in the company. Still, you should avoid sending the message that you are more interested in what this position will get you rather than the position itself.


Hiring managers want to hire someone who will do a great job in the role they are interviewing for. They want to know that you will put your energy and enthusiasm into that job instead of immediately looking for other opportunities within the company. If you bring up growth opportunities too early, too often, or in the wrong way, you may give the impression that you are not fully committed to the position, which could make you a less attractive candidate.


“Always put your interest in the position first.”


When asking about growth opportunities, try to convey the message that you are interested in the current opportunity and that you are committed to doing your best in that role with the hope of being considered for other roles or higher-level positions within the organization in the future.


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