Do You Have a Non-Compete Agreement?

What to do if you’re moving jobs after signing a non-compete agreement. I want to talk to opportunity seekers about non-competes agreements. There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to a non-compete and going to work for a company where you think you may be pursued by your former employer over […]

What’s Your Reason for Leaving?

Why you should explain yourself when you leave a company before two years. Today I’ll share a few things you should consider when explaining why you left a job after less than two years of employment.   One of the biggest challenges with the youngest third of the workforce is that they don’t always feel […]

Don’t Pass on a Great Opportunity Because of a Commission Check

There’s a brutal truth about changing sales jobs you need to know. As a salesperson, you have to face a hard truth when changing positions: You might have to give up some commission to chase a better opportunity. You’ll rarely get to put in a notice at your current employer, change positions, and not leave […]