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Why You Should Relay Bad Job Experiences in a Positive Light

Don’t complain about bad job experiences. Instead, spin it into something positive.


Many of us have worked for people who were perhaps not the best fit for a team leader. You may have left a job feeling frustrated and ready to speak of all your past employer’s faults, but taking this route can mean losing out on opportunities at other companies.


Nobody wants to hire someone who seems like a complainer, or someone who somehow has problems wherever they work. The easiest way to come across like this is to speak negatively about your past employers. Companies want to hire people who will enhance the work environment and be problem-solvers instead of problem-makers. 


“Companies are always excited to hire someone who can spin things positively. ”


You can still speak of your past experiences, but try your best to frame the challenges you faced in a positive light. For example, you may have had a very demanding boss at a previous job. You can point out that they were demanding, but their pressure allowed you to grow as an employee, push your limits to greater heights, and learn to navigate complicated interpersonal relationships. You’re making a legitimate comment about your employer, but you’re focusing on how it made you better.


If a candidate comes in and explains how the last three companies they worked for were awful, it usually sounds like the problems stem from the employee instead of the employer. By avoiding negative talk like this, you prevent this connotation. Additionally, companies are always excited to hire someone who can spin things positively. 

Remember: Do your best to frame negative experiences in a positive way. By doing so, you’ll avoid talking your way out of great opportunities in the future. If you have any questions or would like more information about managing your career, feel free to reach out to me. Until then, I look forward to hearing from you soon.