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What To Look Out for When Faced With a Counteroffer

Here are two things to consider when you’re faced with a counteroffer.


When is it in your best interest to consider taking a counteroffer from your current employer and staying there instead of moving on? Counteroffers are happening at a higher rate in this market. Whether you should take a counteroffer depends on a few things:


  1. Why were you looking to make a move in the first place and does the counteroffer actually solve that? The majority of the time, counteroffers are simply a raise in your base salary. If your main reason for considering making a change was that you were unhappy with your base salary and you’re going to get an immediate raise, then it’s absolutely possible that a problem will be solved.

“People who accept counteroffers don’t tend to remain in their position long term.”

  1. Counteroffers often include promises that will be implemented in the near future. Be very cautious about these because it’s easy for an employer to tell you that they will implement changes in the near future. Promises for the future should not be something that you place high value in when your current employer is making a counteroffer. Make sure that anything that’s going to be given to you is given to you right away and in writing.


People who accept counteroffers don’t tend to remain in their positions long term. A very low percentage of people stay for longer than another three to six months before they’re looking again. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to chatting with you soon and I hope you’re having a great 2021.